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About Us

Centrally located in Downtown Saint Paul, Neil K. Johnson Reporting has been providing professional Court Reporting services to the legal community since 1986. Through our reporters and reporter affiliates, we cover the Saint Paul-Minneapolis Metropolitan area, as well as routinely reporting in cities all over Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. Our professional reporters and office staff are available to meet your reporting needs any time and anywhere, whether in the US or abroad. Just contact us and we will either personally accompany your team, or simply make the necessary scheduling contacts for you with other professionals worldwide. Our dependable, competent and courteous professionals have the experience necessary to handle of all your court reporting needs. We have reported many cases nationally and internationally involving complex and high-profile matters, including highly confidential and multiple-party, multidistrict litigation. You can have peace of mind knowing that the court reporting aspects of your business are entrusted to us and will be well managed and professionally taken care of.

We highly value our client relationships. Please contact us and let us be put our court reporting expertise to work for you.