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The spoken word, captured and written down, is the mainstay of any counsel’s reason for taking a deposition. We provide certified, professional court reporters who utilize all their training and technology to ensure that the final transcript produced and delivered to your office contains the precise testimony just as it was elicited at the deposition, arbitration, etc. We provide you with full and/or condensed transcripts with a tabbed concordance index attached to the back of every transcript, along with all exhibits bound and tabbed sequentially. Together with your hard copies, we will also provide you with a scanned CD containing the transcript and exhibits upon request. We also email fully searchable and printable .pdf and .txt files of every job. Going more green? If you prefer, we will provide the same information containing the transcript and exhibits via email or CD only with no paper copies. Our nicely furnished conference rooms are available for your deposition, videoconference, teleconference or meeting.

A Few Of The Additional Services We Can Offer

Interactive realtime: Connecting the reporter and counsel for instantaneous translation of the proceedings.

Videostreaming: Providing the audio-visual and text to remote attendees anywhere there is access to a PC.

Video Snychonization: Synched video with the text to create selected clips for jury presentation.

Hyperlinked Exhibits: A CD of the proceedings is provided with the exhibits linked, so one click displays the document and another click toggles back to the transcript.

Repository: Access your transcripts from our online repository ANYWHERE/ANYTIME via the internet using a secure pass code we provide to approved individuals working on any particular file.

In addition we provide videography, videoconferencing, interpreters, onsite wi-fi and scheduling of court reporters world-wide.

Just let us know how we can be of service to you.

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