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Trial Presentation

"A picture is worth a thousand words"

It is well established that people retain a vastly larger percentage of what they SEE compared to what they hear.

Do not be found guilty of committing visual malpractice

You win when the jury sees it (and understands it) from your point of view

Our attorneys and technical staff will help you prepare for and present the visual portion of your case at trial.

Prior to trial we work with you and your colleagues, giving you helpful ideas and input on what and how to present the visuals.

We are experienced in:
- Constructing and organizing demonstrative documents
- Create interactive illustrative animations
- Generate individual digital video clips for explanation or impeachment

The Art of the Visual Presentation

Anybody can flash words up on a screen.

We understand what to show, how to show it and when to show the right visual - and the correct portions - at the right time.

"Seeing is believing"

Contact us for a demonstration - we'll make a believer of you too!